Plan of Study

A plan of study must be approved by Storrs before a student is eligible to take the general examination. The plan summarizes coursework completed and to be taken through completion of the degree. According to the graduate school, the plan of study, “must be prepared, signed by the student and members of the advisory committee, and submitted to the Graduate School for approval by the Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty Council when the student has completed not more than 45 credits of course work to be applied to the degree.” In developing your plan of study, your advisor will help you select courses that are consistent with your academic goals and will be at the 5000 level or higher. At least fifteen (15) credits of GRAD 6950 must be completed/anticipated, representing the research effort devotes to the dissertation.” The Executive Committee considers the dissertation itself to represent at least one year of full-time graduate study. Please send the Plan of Study to Barbara Case to review. She will make a copy and send the originals to the Graduate School.