The following reflects a common and recommend timeline for students to complete their PhD degree and governs the scheduling of all components of your doctoral studies and dissertation research. Specific Graduate School deadline dates for each academic year can be found on the calendar. Bear in mind that the dates specified are the outside dates recommended for meeting the benchmarks. We advise you to meet these goals in advance of the deadlines noted below.  Please refer to our program handbook for details on required forms to submit to Storrs at each milestone.

Semesters 1-4: Successfully complete formal coursework
Semester 2: Prepare Plan of Study with major advisor
Semester 3: Convene Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC)
Semester 4: Submit Plan of Study to the Public Health Office
Assemble General Examination committee
Semester 5: Develop and revise proposal for General Examination
Semester 6: Complete written component of General Examination
Complete oral defense of General Examination
Submit draft dissertation prospectus to DAC
Semester 7: Submit dissertation prospectus for external review (via Program Director)
Conduct oral defense of dissertation prospectus
Submit dissertation prospectus to public health office and they will send to the Graduate School after making a copy for your file.
Semesters 7 & 8: Commence dissertation research in full
Semester 8: After final version of dissertation is approved by DAC, file Tentative Approval Page with Graduate School at least 7 days prior to oral defense
Conduct oral defense of dissertation, which must occur at least three months after approval of disseration prospectus by Storrs.
File final exam form with Graduate School and PH office